12/16/14 - Armani Exchange Accessories (pt. II)

Watch courtesy of Armani Exchange

It's hard sometimes to correctly accessorize to the formality of the occasion, especially with watches. Most of the watches I find nice are too formal to be worn formally. This watch by Armani Exchange is a nice in between - goes well with casual, everyday outfits, but will still pair well with a suit. It's a good choice as a gift for those picky people - it's versatile enough that pretty much anyone will look good in it. 

12/12/14 - Armani Exchange Accessories (Pt. I)

Sunglasses courtesy of Armani Exchange

Let's be real here - I don't have the time or energy to put together an interesting outfit every day. I have too much stuff to do. Also, my philosophy when it comes to clothing has always been to keep things simple and to make sure they're quality. But how you do get around looking like you're wearing the same things everyday? Accessorize. I dig these sunglasses - simple enough to be versatile, but the pop of blue can really pull together an otherwise simple outfit. Makes for a good Christmas gift, too. Again, stylish enough that whoever you give it to is likely to wear it, but different enough so you're not giving them something they already have.

Lookbook Live @ Stanford Shopping Center

Ah, Halloween. Costumes, candy, and spending time with friends seems completely inconsequential to the fact that I'll be taking part at the Lookbook Live event at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto tomorrow from 1-6 PM. Drop by, say hi.